SUBJECT CATEGORY : Computer Science Engg., Information Technology, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering,


1. Is there any paper publication charges in IJETAE ?
Ans: Publication charges is 400 USD which is completely refunded if any 20 researchers cite published paper in any journal/conference in a year. Author can also check your published manuscript citation via Google Scholar/Scopus. Also IJETAE provide DOI to your paper which helps growing researchers to search your paper contents as Crossref submit your paper in more than 14000 digital library databases.

2. How IJETAE author's check their Published Manuscript Citation Score of Scopus
Ans: IJETAE upload Latest Citation Score every month on below link.

3. What is the Review Process Opted by IJETAE
Ans: Please visit

4. When IJETAE is started.
Ans: IJETAE started in the year 2011 with the aim of providing a platform to worldwide researcher community to publish their research work.

5. Is IJETAE is Open Access Journal
Ans: Yes, IJETAE is Open Access Journal. Published articles can be downloaded free of cost by any researcher throughout the globe.

6. How much time to complete a review?
Ans: Every submitted paper Originality is checked by Turnitin Online Platform ( If the paper Originality is more than 85% then it is forwarded for detailed review by IJETAE Team . Minimum Review Time is 20 days

7. How to submit a paper?
Ans: Please submit your manuscript by simply mail your manuscript as attachment at [email protected] and [email protected] . Your paper must be in MS Word or PDF format.

8. How much time acknowledgement of submitted paper is mailed to author.
Ans: After receiving the paper successfully, the Editor checks the authenticity of paper with the scope of journal. After which acknowledgement is mailed in 24 hours.

9. Do I need to submit the copyright form along with the manuscript?
Ans: It will be highly appreciable if the author submit copyright form along with the article.

10. What is the minimum time for solving any Query related to Publication ?
Ans: 24 hours-72 hours.

11. How to correct an experimental data in published paper?

Ans: Contact the editorial team at [email protected], [email protected] Mention the changes and provide the revised manuscript. The revised manuscript shall be published in accordance to editor suggestion.

12. What is the Page limit for single paper ?
Ans: Single article should be at least of 05 pages and more. Good research work of more than 10 pages are given preference. Special consideration is reserved for Project Funded Research Work.
In case of more figures/images/table, papers up to 40 pages will be accepted.

13. What is the electronic backup and preservation of published manuscript?
Ans: The Journal keep its backup to 02 more repositories. The link of the repository are shared with the authors also (amazon docker and glacier services). Moreover, the journal papers can be downloaded from many public platform (like Slideshare).

14. Copyright and Licensing Information of IJETAE.
Ans: IJETAE is Publisher which uses authors work to be in Licensed under Creative Common (CC-BY-NC-ND) as it allows the public to adapt and share an author's work, as long as the author credentials are properly cited (reuse is only applicable for non-commercial purposes)


  Volume 11, Issue 3, March 2021 Published Successfully.