Publication Malpractice Statement

The prevention of publication malpractice is one of the important responsibilities of the journal  editorial board. Publication Malpractices includes Research Fraud like Falsification (publishing data/conclusions are not real but generated by experiments/observations by data manipulation) or  Fabrication (changing the facts measurements to right for one's researchers/author’s needs), Inappropriate Authorship (omitting authors or/and including authors who have not in an 'honorary' capacity), Duplicate or Multiple submissions (submitting one manuscript  in many journals for review at the same time), Overlapping publication (repeated publication without reference to the previous publication ) and Salami publication (publication of two or more articles derived from a single study). Any kind of unethical behaviour mentioned above is not acceptable. Moreover  IJETAE journal’s Editorial Board  does not tolerate plagiarism in any form which means that any author replicating a significant part of another’s work without acknowledging him/her or passing another’s work off as his/her own are not tolerated.

If any of the above misconduct/malpractice is found after/during publication of the submitted manuscript then with immediate effect the published/in-print manuscript is suspended from the journal database and the respective author(s) as well as the instititution/company of the author(s) are reported for the same. Anyone may inform the editors and/or Editorial Staff at any time of suspected unethical behavior or any type of misconduct by giving the necessary information/evidence to start an investigation.